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Failure to Warn Patients About Propecia  An article from goes in depth about Bosley patients who say their lives were ruined from bad advice and drugs prescribed by Bosley doctors. "Looking back, it's clear that by placing my trust in Bosley Medical, I made the biggest mistake of my life"- a former Bosley patient. It also describes Bosley's "Laundry List of Infractions": Article: Propecia Victims Furious Bosley Knew of Drug's Dangers...

also: Hypocrisy? Bosley sells Propecia after warning of its dangers...

  Targeting Women  Bosley has adjusted their marketing efforts to take advantage of women as another way to sell more surgeries. Unfortunately, we have received numerous reports from women saying they are extremely unhappy with their results and are far worse off than before from a cosmetic standpoint and from the physical damage the procedures cause. They say Bosley staff failed to warn them about side effects, including damage to their preexisting hair. Keep in mind that even if you're assured by a Bosley "Counselor" that you're a good candidate for surgery this may merely be a sales tactic to sell you a procedure. Most "Counselors" have no formal medical credentials whatsoever and are not qualified to give medical advice.  

From a WebMD article: "According to experts a very small percentage of women are candidates for hair transplant surgery. About 2% to 5% of women with hair loss will benefit from this type of procedure."  - Source: American Hair Loss Association

Surgical Drawbacks   Bosley affiliate Aderans Research Institute outlined what a bad option surgery can be stating on its website that with Bosley's type of surgery "there often isn't enough hair on the back of the head to make up for the loss on top, leaving the client with a make-do patchwork of thinly implanted follicles". Since then Bosley's parent company, Aderans of Japan, has stopped funding ARI and their website has been taken down. See this article: Aderans to no Longer Fund its Hair Multiplication Research Division

Aderans Co. Ltd., cont.  Aderans' financial reports reveal that they're more concerned with converting sales and maximizing revenue than objectively serving patients. Measures to boost sales and increase customer spending include: introducing alternate hair care solutions to attract clients into their offices (where they can pitch them on surgery), reviewing the incentive program -employee compensation based on the number of surgical procedures sold, and improving the contract (sales closing) ratio.  

Spamming Your Inbox  Consumers should be wary before ordering the Bosley information kit (essentially an extended version of their infomercial) because they will be treated as a sales lead. The information that consumers provide will set them up for an endless amount of spam email, solicitations, and telephone calls from Bosley salespeople.

Webmaster Warning   When webmasters of a site with negative reviews rebuffed Bosley's attempts to get them to enter negotiations to sell it, Bosley's legal department hired third parties who visited the webmasters at home on numerous occasions expressing their annoyance with the site (including threats of litigation) and hand-delivering a mocked up version of it with the changes they wanted.

If you have more information about Bosley's efforts to censor the Internet please send to


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