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Ad Nauseam   Bosley infomercials loop the same material and you can spend up to half an hour without learning anything. The examples leave out important details like what type and how many procedures were performed and the costs. The slickly-produced videos can employ several tricks to boost the impression of results such as makeup, dyes, topical concealers (e.g. keratin fibers or fake hair), creative hair styles, combovers, and selective lighting and camera angles. (continued)...


Expensive Rent, Cheap Advice

Those expecting accurate information from medically-trained staff may be disappointed with what they get... more

Sales Fail  Bosley's recent financials reported a difficulty getting new clients and large drop in income blaming it on on promotional and telemarketing mistakes, problems you wouldn't ordinarily associate with a medical practice. It criticized the call center that fields inquiries from its commercials as being "not reliable". more below, also see Consumer Guide: Not Your Typical Medical Practice

Who is Bosley?  The Bosley Medical Institute, or Bosley, is named after founder and TV pitchman Larry Lee Bosley whose pattern of deceptive advertising and medical board violations made him the most widely disciplined physician in the U.S. -see History

Bosley Sells Drug After Denouncing It  After slamming the drug finasteride (a.k.a. Propecia) for having vicious side effects including impotence, or Erectile Dysfunction, Bosley now promotes and sells it, leaving consumers scratching their heads. Bosley's Negative Stance on Propecia


Ad Nauseam cont. The paid-for testimonials fail to mention (in addition to how much compensation was received) other treatments and drugs that were used, procedures performed by other medical groups and hair products they were using.

(Bosley spends as much as a third of its revenue on advertising and promotion, when it has reduced the ad budget sales have dropped dramatically)


Information Is Your Wild Card   Using practices like selective disclosure (not telling the whole truth to potential patients) and Sales Incentives and Bonuses consumers may not realize that Bosley has stacked the deck against them.


Also:  Is The Bosley "Guarantee" Worthless?

Many are surprised at how invasive these procedures can be and wonder why they weren't warned -see Consumer Guide

If you want to share a negative experience about Bosley, email:


Paying Extra to Heal?  Can't help but feeling gouged...the Bosley office charged me over $500.00 in extras for meds in what they call a post op healing "kit", which I would have thought most doctors would have included for free. I later found out by reading others experiences that it may have been optional. I guess the lesson here is not to trust anyone and do your research first.

A Warning to Newbies About Bosley  You have stumbled across one of the worst, most heartless companies there is. Take your virgin heads and run away now while you still can! (Note to noobs: A "virgin" head is one that has not been cut up by surgery -something that is very good to have) If you have not proceeded yet thank your lucky stars- you may have avoided one of the biggest traps of your life. For clarity, consider the following questionnaire... more

The Procedure Was Very Uncomfortable  I was supposed to be able to return to work the next day, but my face and eyes were swelled shut and enlarged and I had two black eyes. My children begged me to stay home. After everything the've done I dont look any different. I am still paying for the work they did and do not have the desired results promised me after all this time.

No Redo  I went to Bosley to have treatment for thinning hair in the front of my head. I paid $12,000 for the procedure. I returned in one year. I had pictures to show what I looked like when I started with them, and what I look like now. The Doctor who saw me said they would do it over, at no charge. After careful consideration with my personal physicians, I decided that it would just be too much for me to go through one more time. I asked for my money back. Needless to say, I still have not received a penny from them.

Conflicting Advice / Confused Patient  After receiving separate consults from both a Counselor and a doctor I was very confused as they told me very different things and contradicted each other. Since I spent more time with the Counselor I ended up following his advice and had a procedure which turned out to be a huge mistake. Afterwards I learned I dont have enough donor hair to make a significant improvement which is common for people with a large balding pattern.   more reviews

Tip: There are many online communities with reviews for Bosley and other medical groups. Try the term "hair transplant forum" with a search engine.

Ex-Bosley Doctor Claims Racial Discrimination  Some disturbing claims from a former Bosley physician about their business practices: According to a article William D. Yates, who is African-American, claims Bosley discriminated against blacks by charging them more for hair procedures than white customers, and that the company discriminated against him personally by directing more patients to an equally skilled white physician.

Dr. Yates, who worked for Bosley for over 5 years, recently prevailed in a breach of contract suit that Bosley Medical Group brought against him after he left to go to work for their competitor, Ziering Medical. more

Bosley Has "No Control" Over Doctor  While arguing over liability in a medical malpractice case The Bosley Medical Group said it has no control over a doctor who works for them even though they trained him, provide him with all his patients and refer to him as a "Bosley physician" in their ads.

BMG says it has no control over Dr. David Alpeter, who works at Bosley's office in New York, because he makes all treatment decisions independently without supervision from BMG (this would seem to make their ad slogan "The Bosley Experience" meaningless, especially when many of Bosley's doctors work as independent contractors).

Alpeter was sued by a patient who complained of widened scarring, excessive pulling of the scalp, and hair and skin loss after his 2nd Bosley surgery. After cutting out a chunk of the patient's scalp over 12 inches long, and then another section during the same day, Dr. Alpeter speculated that the widened scar may have been caused by the patient's "poor healing response" or "genetic disposition to scarring". more

What's Their Motivation? / Sales Incentives  People who assume objective advice from medical providers can be at a disadvantage if they don't know that Bosley gives incentives and rewards based on the number of surgical procedures that are sold, from upper management down to its sales force (a.k.a. Counselors). Even its doctors can be biased toward pushing surgery when their compensation is tied to their branch's sales.

A business journal article revealed that an employment contract for a Bosley doctor guaranteed him a compensation of $10,000 a month plus a percentage of “adjusted charges” received by the practice, from 5.5 percent during his first year to 8.5 percent in the sixth year of the agreement. He was also entitled to a “super bonus” of 6 percent of the annual adjusted charges over $1.9 million.

FUT Faults: Bosley Reveals Flaws  of its most common medical procedure, the Follicular Unit Transplant, or FUT. This information doesn't appear in most ads, so consumers should be aware that in the course of promoting other services Bosley has described some major problems with its standard surgical procedure, suggesting that it's not for: A) Those who want to wear their hair short; B) Those who do not want a linear scar; and C) Those with a limited donor supply* or scalp elasticity. (*Every person has a limited donor supply)

It further indicates that the FUT procedure offers drawbacks such as scalpel incisions, linear scarring, stitches, and changes in donor area appearance, as well as slower recovery time and more downtime.

A quarter century after other doctors started using Follicular Unit Extraction techniques, or FUE, it appears that Bosley may now be trying to emulate them. To learn the differences between FUT and FUE consumers can start with this Wikipedia page.

Plug Pulled on Aderans Research Institute   Hope turned to disillusionment (and anger for some) who believed the promises made by Ken Washenik, Bosley's Medical Director, about new technologies ARI and Bosley were bringing to market. Aderans suddenly liquidated the assets of its hair multiplication division without explanation (although during Phase 2 trials it was realized that the process couldn't create new hairs but instead might only help prevent follicles from future loss).

For more than a decade Washenik accepted accolades and generated media coverage and chat room buzz while leading on industry insiders and consumers with claims that their panacea for hair loss was just around the corner.

In and Out   Some warn that Bosley's assembly line methods can cause doctors to become unaware of what's going on. If you worry about their ability to respond in an emergency this will not comfort you: A male patient ended up with permanent disability after he had a stroke during a Bosley procedure and the staff failed to take action, according to a civil jury*. The Plaintiffs said that during the procedure the patient began convulsing yet the procedure wasn't stopped and the patient was sent home as usual though he could not walk or talk. When the patient's wife phoned the Bosley office for help they told her that his failure to come out of anesthesia was a result of pain medications and "not to worry." *Los Angeles Superior Court BC445812 2010-2013 (thanks to

No-Refund Policy   Before handing your credit card to a Bosley salesperson (or Counselor) for a deposit on a procedure know about their policies.After canceling surgery ten days in advance a customer was surprised when Bosley wouldn't return their deposit. When they disputed the charge with the credit card company they got the response "We regret to inform you that we are not able to assist you as the merchant has a no-cancellation and no-refund policy". The policy can discourage patients from backing out of surgery and penalizes those who want to change their minds or need more time to make a better informed decision.

FTC Settles Charges Against Bosley   The Federal Trade Commission has imposed restrictions on Bosley after alleging it shared pricing information with competitors, an illegal practice that can result in higher prices. Article

On a related note Bosley's parent company, Aderans Co. Ltd. of Japan, has acquired Hair Club, known for its infomercial-marketed hair "systems". Consumers should know that Hair Club is now involved in the practice of steering clients over to Bosley offices for surgery.

Who Owns Bosley?   It is normal for someone considering a serious medical procedure to want to know who they are dealing with. Bosley is foreign-owned by Japanese wigmaker, Aderans Co. Ltd.. While most companies want to maximize profits and increase share price Aderans financial reports reveal they may be more obsessed about sales than serving the best interests of patients. Note: Aderans stock is traded on the Tokyo stock exchange. They purchased Bosley in 2001 and Hair Club in 2013.

Sales Fail, cont.  The annual financial statement released on 04/14/16 confirms that Bosley spends an inordinate amount of money and effort in trying to get people to sign up.

 "In the Bosley Business, the call center system, which went into operation in June 2015, was not reliable and call-related problems persisted until December 2015, which led to a drop in the number of inquiries prompted by a TV commercial and a decline in the number of surgical procedures. Operating income tumbled 69.4% owing to higher advertising and promotional activities and rising personnel costs."

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